• Susan J. Vannucci, USA

    Susan J. Vannucci, USA

  • Susan J. Vannucci is recently retired as Research Director, Newborn Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine, in NY, NY.  Together with her husband, Robert C. Vannucci, MD, she developed the now widely used rodent model of perinatal asphyxial brain damage, first published in 1981. With this preclinical model of unilateral cerebral hypoxia-ischemia, she has studied the cerebral metabolic manifestations of hypoxia-ischemia in the neonatal brain, as well as the pathological and developmental sequelae.

    She has also described the development of cerebral nutrient transport in the brain, and the impact of fuel availability and delivery on response to acute injury and outcome. More recently, she has extended this model to HIE in the term-equivalent neonatal rat to study effects of therapeutic hypothermia on seizures, evolution of cerebral injury/recovery, and long term outcome as a platform to further study additions to cooling to protect the newborn brain.

    In 1997 she and her husband founded the Hershey Conference on Developmental Brain Injury, as a small international conference. Since that time this conference has grown to a widely popular, bi-annual conference to bring together basic scientists and physician scientists devoted to the problems of the injured newborn brain.


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