• Sampsa Vanhatalo, Finland

    Sampsa Vanhatalo, Finland

  • Dr Sampsa Vanhatalo obtained his MD and PhD degrees in 1998 from the University of Helsinki, Finland. He has the EU qualification (board exam) as a clinical neurophysiologist, and is appointed as the Head of Pediatric Neurophysiology in the Helsinki University Hospital. Dr. Vanhatalo has worked as a Marie Curie Fellow (European Union grant; 2011-2013) in the University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently Clinical Research Fellow (50%) of Finnish Academy, based in Helsinki University Central Hospital, leading the BABA center dedicated to studies on baby brain activity (eng.babacenter.fi)

    In addition to his neurophysiological training, Dr Vanhatalo has clinical experience in general practice, pediatrics, pediatric neurology, epileptology, neurology, and emergency medicine.

    For the past ten years, he has focused on developing methodology for neonatal neurophysiology ranging from the development of EEG hardware to other devices (eg. EEG caps and stimulators), mathematical signal analyses, as well as neurobiological models underlying early EEG activity. All these activities have had a heavy translational emphasis whereby the targets of research have been set to result in medical applications, and hence ultimately benefit clinical work and ill babies.

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