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    Petra Lemmers, The Netherlands

  • Petra Lemmers was graduated in medical science at Leiden University in the Netherlands (cum laude) and was trained in pediatrics at the Sophia Children’s Hospital/Erasmus University Hospital Rotterdam (NL) and in neonatal medicine in the Isala Clinics Zwolle (NL) and the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital/University Medical Center Utrecht (NL).

    She is working from 2003 until now as a consultant neonatologist at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht. The main focus of research on this NICU is the neonatal brain: brain monitoring, brain hemodynamics, neuroprotection, brain imaging and neurodevelopmental outcome (prof Frank van Bel and prof Linda de Vries). In 2003 she started her research concerning the clinical use of non-invasive cerebral monitoring by near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in the (pre)term infant. She defended her thesis “The clinical use of near infrared spectroscopy‐monitored cerebral oxygen saturation and extraction in the preterm infant” in 2010 and published until now 35 peer reviewed papers about this subject in prominent scientific journals.

    She also participates in national and international collaborative projects concerning NIRS (SafeBoosc-trial: prof Gorm Greisen Kopenhagen Denmark; TOHOP-trail/cerebral hemodynamics: prof Istvan Seri Los Angeles USA, currently Doha Quatar; NIRS-project concerning monitoring cerebral autoregulatory ability: prof Gunnar Naulaers and prof Sabine van Huffel Leuven, Belgium. She is supervising several PhD students and is involved in education programs concerning brain monitoring in neonates in the Netherlands and abroad.


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