• Marianne Thorsen, Norway

    Marianne Thorsen, Norway/UK

  • Marianne Thoresen MD PhD,

    Professor of Physiology, University of Oslo, Norway and Professor of Neonatal Neuroscience , University of Bristol and honorary consultant neonatologist, St Michaels Hospital, Bristol, UK.

    Clinical field; Neonatal neuroprotection of the term infant , development of therapeutic hypothermia (TH)  from animal models to clinical trials 1992-2010 with Ilcor approval for TH in 2010. Ongoing randomised trial on TH+ breathing Xenon, follow up of large regional cooling cohort (300). Particular interest in aEEG/EEG,  clinical management  and outcome prediction after TH. New treatments developed in the lab (rats) with  neuroprotective effect after severe injury. www.thoresen.org.uk  pw CoolHead.



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