• Geraldine Boylan

    Geraldine Boylan, Ireland

  • Geraldine Boylan is Professor of Neonatal Physiology, Department of Paediatrics & Child Health, University College Cork, Ireland and Director of the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research – INFANT www.infantcentre.ie

    Geraldine has worked in the area of clinical neurophysiology for many years and since 1996 has worked exclusively in the field of neonatal neurophysiology. She leads the Neonatal Brain Research Group in the INFANT centre – a multidisciplinary research team focused on neurological monitoring in the neonatal intensive care unit, particularly for seizure detection and automated EEG analysis. Researchers in the group, have developed a seizure detection algorithm for newborn babies and this algorithm is currently under clinical evaluation www.anserstudy.com Geraldine is also co-coordinator of the FP7 funded NEMO study which aims to evaluate antiepileptic drugs for neonatal seizures http://www.nemo-europe.com

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