• Cecil Hahn, Canada

    Cecil Hahn, Canada

  • Dr. Cecil Hahn is a Clinician-Investigator at The Hospital for Sick Children and Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Toronto. He directs the hospital’s critical care EEG monitoring program, and has led the implementation of guidelines for EEG monitoring in the neonatal, paediatric and cardiac intensive care units. Dr. Hahn is principal investigator of a multi-centre prospective study of seizures among comatose critically ill children that aims to measure the contribution of these seizures to functional and neuropsychological outcomes.

    His research group also investigates the utility of quantitative EEG trending displays to assist with seizure identification among critically ill infants and children.  Dr. Hahn has a leadership role in an international research consortium on critical care EEG monitoring, through which he and his group are contributing to several collaborative multi-center studies.


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